We were delighted to announce a 66% increase in investment in our partnership with BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE) back in November 2017. Four volunteers, Jackie Glynn, Helen Mahon, Ciara Kearney and Jackie Fagan volunteered their time to provide up to €60,000 worth of expert-led project management training to teachers of BTYSTE finalists.


We are very proud of our volunteers and their commitment, and we are looking forward to discovering this year’s BTYSTE winner. Below, we have outlined the top five benefits of volunteering with the Ireland Chapter of PMI.

  1. Raise your own profile

    There are many opportunities to volunteer with the Ireland Chapter of PMI. Sharing news about the volunteering initiative you are involved in across your own and your company’s profiles can add to your personal brand development and raise your profile.

    Here are our top tips for you to leverage your volunteer engagement with us:

    • Write an article about your experience on LinkedIn (If you are short on time, you can copy the news piece on the initiative from the Ireland Chapter of PMI’s website and add your own introduction

    • Share posts about the initiative and your involvement to your social media platforms

    • Take a picture of yourself with the other volunteers at the event and share using the event hashtag to maximise your exposure

    • Make sure you send information on your involvement to the relevant person in your company for inclusion in your company newsletter/social media profiles

    Please note, as an additional benefit, a volunteer may claim a PDU per hour of voluntary work within the Chapter.
  2. Reinforcing project management in Ireland

    Our volunteers who participated in the BTYSTE teacher training are taking part in a wider initiative to deliver project management skills to students. Early adoption of project management best practices can increase students’ ability to plan, organise and deliver projects.

    Given that the PMI’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession® survey found that 32% more projects are successful in organisations that invest in ongoing project management training, offer a defined project management career path and establish formal knowledge transfer processes; delivering these skills to students at such an early age will help to reinforce the project management sector in Ireland. It will ensure that future generation of executives, entrepreneurs and team members are equipped with the skills they need to increase their chances of project success. Project management skills are vital, no matter your profession, and are critical in today’s modern world where everyone is either part of a project team or leader of a project.

  3. Give back through community engagement  

    Volunteering is a rewarding and exciting experience that allows you to broaden your scope of experience. Getting involved in our volunteering initiatives allows you to engage with a wide range of people in the general community. There are opportunities to get involved in our PMI committee, in the BTYSTE and TY training initiatives or at upcoming events such as our annual conference. Whether you are dealing with students or with the business community, you can make a real difference to others.

  4. Contribute to CSR initiatives in your company

    When you get involved in one of our volunteering initiatives, this can become an effective part of your company’s CSR. By sharing and promoting your volunteering through your company profiles, you are playing an important role in making your company a more attractive place to work and improve employee retention rates. Studies have shown that 88% of millennials gravitate towards companies with pronounced CSR programs*. This, in turn improves your company’s image. You may also consider entering relevant industry awards throughout the year to showcase your involvement which can open up further opportunities for you to promote your personal brand, or company.

  5. Opening up new opportunities

    Taking part in a volunteering programme can help contribute to your professional development, honing skillsets such as presentation, leadership, communication, IT and training skills. This, in turn, can add to your CV, and make you a more attractive candidate to approach when opportunities such as PR, interviews and speaking opportunities arise.

Volunteering opportunities are advertised on vrms.pmi.org

If you would like to know more about volunteering opportunities with PMI, email Director of Volunteers at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Stat from PriceWaterhouseCoopers