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It would be remiss to launch an Awards Programme, without paying respect to recent seismic events. In 2020, Covid-19 changed the way we live, work and play.

Now in 2021, we are on the path to recovery, but it is important to recognise just how far we have come. It is also with great pride that we acknowledge the role of Project Professionals, in turning the tide against the threat of Covid-19. We are keen to call out these exceptional responses, that allowed organisations, communities and indeed Ireland as a nation, to meet the challenge head on.

So if you have been involved in a Project or Programme that met the moment of 2020 we are asking for your nomination

See our Covid 19 Web Page for full details

Strategic PMOs enable transformation across organisations but they vary widely. Some serve as a means to standardise project-related governance processes and facilitate sharing of resources and tools. Others operate as centres taking an evangelical approach to PM disciplines, and still others align project and program work to corporate strategy to enable growth.

However, they all require the same key ingredient: project professionals driving forward momentum and continuous improvement.

So if you know or work in such a PMO, why not recognise the contribution and success through a nomination for PMO of the Year?

The Private Sector in Ireland is buoyed by FDI and giants of the Technology, Construction, Life Science and Agribusiness Industries. As such, it generates some of the worlds most impressive projects.  

Are you or a colleague a member of such a project team? Did your project deliver added value, on time and under budget?  

If so we need to hear from you.
Ireland’s Public Capital Investment under the NDP 2018-2027 reached 7.3bn in 2019 and is likely to have hit 8.2bn in 2020 – that’s 4% of our national income, a level well above the European average of 2.9%.

So it’s likely that some of the most impressive and innovative Public Sector projects in Europe are taking place on our shores. 

If you are a member of such a Project Team, delivering results in arguably one of the toughest years on record – we need to hear from you!

Do you know a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Project Co-ordinator or other whose significant contribution set a project up for success? Did they balance hard and soft skills to drive team performance in pursuit of project goals? Through innovative and design thinking, did they realise enhanced benefits?  

If so why not nominate them for Project Professional of the Year?

The mission of the PMI Educational Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization, is to inspire and empower people to apply project management knowledge in pursuit of social good. Their vision is that all people worldwide have a better tomorrow by applying project management skills in their daily lives.

Have you worked on such a project delivering better outcomes for our community? Perhaps you operate in the Construction sector, working to meet the demands of the housing crisis in Ireland. Or maybe you work for a non profit, seeking to deliver value to your stakeholders, by crafting and delivering much needed programmes of work?  
Whatever the case may be, if you have applied your project management skills in a way that improves the lives of others we would love to hear from you.

The PM's Choice Award is a special category this year whereby our 15 finalists will be put to an audience vote, live on the night, as our overall "PM's Choice". 

Our audience will be comprised of leaders in the field of Project Management in Ireland, so being named their choice is an additional honour!