Please send your submissions to: by 6th September 2019 before 5pm

Ireland’s Jubilee Project Award

To acknowledge the PMI 50th anniversary, this is our chance to choose which projects in Ireland have delivered the most positive impact in the past 50 years. Since 1969, what are the biggest projects that have:


  1. Delivered benefits that have stood the test of time
  2. Enhanced the lives of people living in Ireland
  3. Delivered a major positive impact
  4. Taken an idea and made it become reality

These may be a construction project, a social change project, a technology project, a visionary project, an artistic project, you name it. The only two requirements are that:


  1. it was a project implemented in Ireland and
  2. that it was delivered within the past 50 years.


You only need to answer 2 questions:


  1. What is the name of the project and
  2. Why do you think it deserves the title of Ireland’s Jubilee Project?


Send nominations to before 5pm on Sep 6th