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So You Think You Know The Code


Hi, I'm Gretta Kelzi and as a professional project manager, my work is part of something much larger. It is about driving ideas successfully by turning them into reality, using people skills and capabilities in a timely fashion. This is what the new PMI’s PROJECT ECONOMY™ is all about, and this is the future of the profession.  


Moreover, in this disruptive age, we are living in; where industries, disciplines and professions are constantly changing patterns and evolving competitively, striving to overcome the challenge of increasing the demand generation and getting ready to go to market; establishing the balance between personal life-profession-environment is not just a state of mind, but it is part of something much bigger, and getting it right matters a lot to realize a sustainable future.   


Saying that; and building on top of the fact that we are all already engaged to follow the trend; 

  • what could the drivers to realize a sustainable future? 
  • How to achieve this balance? 
  • What are the needed skills?   
  • What is the required level of maturity? 
  • Is it only about adopting the latest technologies and/or embark on a digital transformation journey?  
  • Is it enough to pursue more certifications in the field of innovation, change management, coaching, etc.? 


While those are existential questions, perspectives of answers are different, and may vary from a context to another, from a culture to another, from a discipline to another, the most important common factor is the INDIVIDUALS themselves, with all what they possess in terms of own needs or goals, rights and responsibilities.  By that I mean:

  • Being sensitive and fair;  
  • Acting with justice and interdependence; 
  • Dealing with others on an equal dimension basis; 
  • Being skilled with empathy, patience, wisdom, kindness,  perseverance, warmth and resolve; 
  • Inspiring trust by the way decisions are taken; 
  • Having energy and commitment; and the list goes on. 


In my opinion, the answers above are what makes us READY for the challenges of realizing a sustainable future. 

As a project manager, how do you implement this your professional environment?  How do we meet the standards that we set for ourselves?  

Is there any reference, in the project management profession to benchmark the decisions we make?

Check out our archive to see the presentation & supporting documentation that Gretta shared during the workshop.