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Welcome to the Ireland Chapter of the PMI Podcast - Episode 7

Welcome to the Ireland Chapter of the PMI Podcast. Episode 7, LIM in Berlin – Part 2.


In this episode, I share out more interviews with PMI Chapter members, PMI Board Members & PMI Employees, all recorded at the Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) in Berlin back in May.  


Hear from PMI Board Member Cecil White on his role within the PMI, as well as chapter presidents and members from Belgium, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, France and others.  


The topics discussed include the value of being a member of a PMI Chapter, learnings from the LIM and future plans for the PMI. 


This was my first LIM and it really was one of the best conferences I've ever attended. It brought home the spirit of what the PMI is all about and I can't wait to attend in Dublin in 2019.  


Hope you enjoy.  


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