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Welcome to the Ireland Chapter of the PMI Podcast - Episode 14

Hi there,

In this very special episode, I’m sharing the interview with Sunil Prashara & Randy Black recorded at the Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) in Dublin’s Convention Centre.


During the absorbing interview, we cover:

·      Sunil & Randy’s background prior to joining PMI

·      The main attractors for Sunil in taking on the CEO & Presidential role

·      Why Randy & the Board selected Sunil for the role?

·      Sunil’s first 66 days in the role and plan for the next phase

·      The Progress made in the 50 years of PMI

·      Opportunities to build on in the coming quarters

·      Sunil’s and the Board’s priority alignment

·      PMI 2.0 & what does success looks like in the coming years!

·      The importance of Customer Centricity

·      Moving to a more digital organization

·      Changing the conversation

·      The importance of value delivery

·      The value of genuine recognition


I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did, please do check out one of the other 13. We have a few more really good ones in the queue with content from the LIM, interviews from regional events and interviews with experts in the world of project management.

Enjoy the podcast & have a great week.

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