Ireland Chapter of PMI

Academic Outreach

This programme aims to serve both the members and academic and professional organisations by:

For the community

  • Through developing close relationships with academic organisations help develop a better prepared workforce for the future and recognition of the importance and role of project management in all professions.
  • Assist academic organisations and institutes in the design and delivery of project related education programmes leveraging the PMI global standards, and potentially PMI certification levels.
  • Through the Chapter’s membership participate in the design and development of complementary standards and guidelines for other professional organisations and bodies.

For our members

  • Through close relationships with leading academic and professional organisations provide access to related research and ‘thought leadership’ materials.
  • Ensures that project management is embedded in academic courseware and seen as a core skill for the future workforce and in so doing increase the value of the member’s skills and career path options.
  • Ensures that project management is embedded in the standards and frameworks developed by complementary professional organisations and in so doing increase the value of the member’s skills and career path options.

Upcoming Activity Over the coming months your Chapter will continue to work with a number of leading academic and professional organisation to forge strategic and long-term relationships.

Activities Include:

  • The Chapter will be joining the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) based in Maynooth and will become a contributor to and reviewer of the institutes on-going development of it’s IT Capability maturity Framework (IT-CMF)
  • Waterford Institute of Technology – PMI Outreach to present to student body on PMI standards and credentials.

How to Participate

For information on PMI Outreach activities, please contact us.

Articles and Information

Partners and useful links:

  • PMI educational Foundation [ ]
  • Innovation Value Institute [ ]
  • Centre for Project Management at University Limerick []  
  • Waterford institute of Technology [ ]