Hi all, welcome to Episode 2 of the Ireland Chapter of the PMI Podcast. If it’s your first time here, thanks for tuning in. Go back and listen to EP1. If you’re returning, welcome back! I’m Rob O’Donohue and am the director for Member Communications for the Ireland Chapter.  


We launched in February and the show rocketed to the top of the iTunes Education Charts sitting at #3 for a few days. A great start and a sign that there is an interest in Podcasts about Project Management in Ireland. That’s great to see. 


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Before I introduce you to this month’s guest, a quick reminder that we’re looking to give the podcast a name. So please get in touch. My email is called out at the end of the show.  


So, this month, I talk with Adrian Cororan who is the IT officer for the Ireland Chapter. Enjoy the Q&A! 


Episode Two – Adrian Corcoran the IT Officer for the PMI Ireland Chapter.  

  • Adrian currently works in ESB Networks within the Programme PMO.  

  • Adrian talks about his role in the PMI Ireland Chapter, how he was initially drawn into project management.  

  • He talks about his involvement in the Ireland Chapter over the last number of years. 

  • The key objective for 2018 focusing.  

  • Area of most excitement in Project Management.  

  • Adrian’s key message to Project Managers in Ireland.  

  • How Adrian applies Project Management skills outside of his day job.  


I hope you enjoyed the show.