Hi all,

Very welcome to episode 10 of the Ireland Chapter of PMI Podcast.

At the start of the year, we had hoped to do one per month starting in February and we have almost done that.

The numbers of listeners, month on month, have been on the rise, with more subscribers every month which is great. We’ve interviewed some great PM professionals and experts during the year…including the founder of the PMI James Snyder, the current President & CEO Mark Langley, a number of our committee members, and others from across the globe that are part of PMI chapters.

For me, it’s been an amazing opportunity and experience to get to talk PM with so many people….the common themes of career development, networking, trying out new things, and of course PDUs all come up….but giving back something to the profession is huge and very rewarding.

I was lucky enough to present at the Region 8 chapter event in Belgrade in November sharing a HOW TO guide on podcasting for your chapter. If we didn’t start this off, that would never have happened.

Before I introduce our guest for this months, just to say thank you for listening in over the year, for your input, feedback, ideas….all have been taken on board. We’re starting to plan for 2019 already….with more show, interviews, and more.

2019 is another huge year for the chapter with the National conference in Cork and then the PMI congress and LIM in Dublin in May.

If you’re interested in even helping out on the Podcast next year, have ideas for guests, how we could market it better or anything at all, you can connect in with me – just drop me a mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So our guest this month’s episode had an interview with Brantlee Underhill.


Brantlee Underhill is the Director of Global chapters for PMI.


Brantlee talks about her 20 year journey with the PMI and the huge change that has happened during this time.


She shares insights on:

  • Growth of PMI over the 20 years from 30k to 500k members
  • PMI 2.0 Strategy Transformation
  • Customer Centricity & Thinking Differently
  • Strategic Focus!
  • 2019 and the 50th Anniversary of PMI
  • Activities and Events for the coming year
  • Focusing on the PM Pro & the Next Gen PM
  • How to be digitally relevant in the new world
  • Focusing on outreach efforts to Colleges and Universities
  • PM Edge web based learning tool online
  • Brantlee and Project Management – How she got involved in this area
  • Brantlee and Podcast interests personally

Enjoy the interview & have a great Christmas & New Year. Back in early 2019

Have a great day,


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