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Welcome to EP15 of PMI Ireland Chapter Podcast.

So last Month we held the PMI EMEA LIM & Congress in Dublin. Over 200 volunteers supported the events of LIM and Congress in Dublin and over 1000 attended.

It was an amazing week by all accounts. While I only had the fortune to be at LIM for 2 days, I was able to pack a lot in.

From attending sessions, to catching up with leaders of other chapters, and even was able to interview the new CEO and Chair of the Board.

Which by the way was last month’s episode and the most listened to of all our episodes since we began back in early 2018 (check it out for sure).

During the 2 days, I was also able to connect with a number of attendees at the LIM which included Members of PMI at HQ in Philadelphia and Chapter leaders from across the globe.

This episode (and next) will share these short interviews so you can get a better understanding of different parts of the PMI, what’s happening in other chapters and of course hear loud and clearly the value and benefits gained from volunteering for your local chapter.

We’ve also added a new member to our Ireland Chapter podcast crew as you’ll hear on this episode. Brantlee Underhill, Director of Chapters and Volunteers at PMI, a past guest on the show also, was my co-host for the day and she did an amazing job! Thank you Brantlee.

Ok. Enough from me. Let’s get into the interviews.

  1. Carol Martinez, Programs Admin for PMIEF and is focused on promoting social good and local schools. Delivery PM skills into the community. Check out https://pmief.org/
  2. Amara from the Pakistan Chapter shares her benefits from being a member of the PMI and the Pakistan Chapter. She shared her experience and meeting with the new CEO, Sunil.
  3. Rob O’Donohue, PMI Communication Director at the Ireland Chapter, talking about Podcast & how project management core skills have made this possible and continue to help keep the content is coming out.
  4. Miguel and Roletta from the Portugal Chapter share their LIM experience so far. The lessons learned from the presentations.
  5. Pat Lucey, President of the Irish Chapter. Pat shares his thoughts about how well LIM was received. He talks about a session he did on sponsorship, networking, and sharing and learning new ideas. Pat also talks passionately about the power of Project Management as a discipline and how it’s been very key to the building and construction work in the area.

Hope you enjoy.

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