Judging Process

Application and Judging is a 4 step process

  1. Application / Nomination - Participating organisations submit their applications by completing a downloadable application form and returning it to awards@pmi-ireland.org.  All applications must be received by 5pm on 13th September 2019
  2. The judging panel comprises of nine leading experts drawn from public and private sectors. The independent verifier for the judging process is Matheson.
  3. Initial assessment - Each applicant’s eligibility is determined on the basis of their completed application form.  Eligibility is measured against rigorous criteria, that determines a Best Practice Winner in the each award category (listed below). All applications that meet the high-level criteria are then selected to go through to the next  round.
    1. Ireland's Jubilee Project Award
    2. Project Professional of the Year
    3. PMO of the Year
    4. Private Sector National Project of the Year
    5. Private Sector Multinational Project of the Year
    6. Public Sector Project of the Year
    7. Project Management for Social Good [Community category]
    8. Project Management for Social Good [Corporate Social Responsibility category]
  4. The preliminary judging panel draws up a shortlist of applicants that demonstrate the highest levels of Best Practice in each award category. The preliminary judging panel will nominate the finalists who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the categories as outlined above
Other Factors:


  1. Sectoral Limit for Private Sector (non-SME), SME, PMO and Public Sector awards. There will be a limit of one shortlisted applicant from any particular sector. If two or more applicants operate in the same industry/business sector, then the highest ranking applicant will be included on the shortlist.
  2. Companies can submit more than one nomination per category but only one nomination (the one ranked highest by judges) for the aforementioned company will make the final 3
  3. The final judging panel will select the top three applicants and winner in each category.
  4. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 14th November 2019
Guidelines for Submission
Download the attached file if you would like to review.