Ireland Chapter of PMI

Greatest National Impact Project Award


Nominations are nowOPEN

This year's Special Category Award is the ‘Greatest National Impact Project’ which will honour the project that has delivered the highest impact across Ireland in the last 3 years. This special category will be open for nominations across the six PMI Global Megatrends, as set out below:
1. Digital Disruption – e.g. impactful use of AI, automation, digital transformation
2. Climate Crisis – e.g. delivering against sustainability goals
3. Demographic Shifts – e.g. offsetting talent gap, talent retention, preserving organisational knowledge
4. Economic Shifts – e.g. solutions for inflationary pressures, supply chain innovation, cost management
5. Labor Shortages – e.g. flexible work programme, HR innovation
6. Civil, Civic and Equality Movements e.g. diversity & inclusion initiatives
The special category will be decided upon by public vote – the closing date for submissions is 26th September.