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Special Covid-19 Award

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Our finalists have been chosen!
The public vote to select the overall winner is now Closed. The overall winner will be announced at virtual Awards Ceremony on the 24th June 2021.
Below you will find more information on each finalist.

Top 5 Finalists in Alphabetical Order

01 Aalto Bio Supports HSE Covid Testing
The HSE contacted Aalto Bio Reagents in the middle of March 2020 to say, “We’ve got a real challenge here”.  Lysis buffer, a key component in “front end” testing, is used to break open cells and kill the virus for handling.  The compound was being bought up by bigger international players and was in very short supply globally.  Aalto Bio sprang into fire-fight mode and despite never having developed the compound before, created the Lysis buffer from scratch in 4 weeks, something that would normally take 5 months. By continuing to support and supply the HSE, Aalto Bio has ensured that the HSE are able to continue and expand their COVID testing leading to quick identification of COVID cases and outbreaks. They have built enough lysis buffer for the HSE to cover 1.3 million patient tests per month.