Welcome to the Ireland Chapter of PMI Communities of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of professionals who share a passion for a particular field and collaborate to deepen their knowledge and expertise. Within the Ireland Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), our Communities of Practice are designed to foster continuous learning, share best practices, and provide networking opportunities among project management professionals across various industries and specialties.

Our Communities of Practice


The Construction Community of Practice is dedicated to those involved in the planning, execution, and management of construction projects. Whether you're a project manager, engineer, or architect, this community offers a platform to discuss the latest industry trends, share innovative solutions, and address the unique challenges faced in construction project management. Join us to connect with peers, gain insights from industry leaders, and enhance your project delivery capabilities in the construction sector.

Project Management Office (PMO)

The PMO Community of Practice is tailored for professionals who manage or work within a Project Management Office. This community focuses on the methodologies, tools, and strategies that make PMOs effective. Here, you can exchange ideas on how to align projects with organizational goals, optimize resource management, and improve project governance. By participating, you'll stay updated on the best practices and evolving standards that drive successful PMOs, ensuring your office is equipped to support project success and deliver value to your organization.


The Sustainability Community of Practice is for project management professionals who are committed to integrating sustainable practices into their projects. This community explores how sustainability principles can be applied across various project phases to minimize environmental impact and promote social responsibility. Engage with fellow professionals to discuss sustainable project management frameworks, share case studies, and learn about the latest developments in sustainable practices. Together, we aim to lead projects that not only achieve their objectives but also contribute positively to the planet and society.

Get Involved

Joining a Community of Practice within the Ireland Chapter of PMI provides numerous benefits, including access to a wealth of knowledge, opportunities for professional development, and the chance to connect with like-minded professionals. Whether you are looking to expand your expertise, seek advice on specific challenges, or contribute to the advancement of your field, our Communities of Practice are here to support you.

Stay engaged with your community through regular meetings, webinars, and online discussions. We encourage you to actively participate, share your experiences, and learn from the collective wisdom of your peers. Together, we can elevate the practice of project management and make meaningful contributions to our industries and society.

Join Us Today

Become a part of our vibrant Communities of Practice and take your project management skills to the next level. Explore our Construction, PMO, and Sustainability communities, and discover how you can benefit from and contribute to these dynamic groups. Join us in fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge and innovation thrive.

For more information on how to join, upcoming events, and resources, please visit the respective community pages or contact us at construction/pmo/sustainability@pmi-ireland.org

We look forward to your active participation and to building a stronger project management community together!