National Awards Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility criteria apply to the PMI Awards 2024:

1. Project Type and Industry:

    • Projects can be from any industry and of any type.
    • All projects and submitting organisations must be in good standing, to be considered for an award.

2. Geographical Requirement:

    • Projects must be largely completed in or managed from Ireland.
    • Project Professionals and Changemakers must demonstrate significant contribution in Ireland or for an Irish entity.

3. Project Management Standards:

    • Projects must showcase exemplary project management principles and techniques.

4. Completion Timeline:

    • Projects must be completed within the last two years, specifically between September 2022 and August 2024.
    • For the PMO of the Year Award, the assessment period extends to the last three years, from September 2021 to August 2024.
    • For the Project Professional of the Year Award and the Under 35 Changemaker Award, the nominee’s career contribution will be assessed.

5. Origin of Applications and Nominations:

    • Applications and nominations for the project award can be submitted by various parties:
      • Within the Project Team: Members of the project team can nominate their own project.
      • Project Organisation's Management: Senior management or executives from the organisation overseeing the project can submit nominations.
      • Colleagues: Other colleagues who are not part of the project team but are familiar with the project's achievements can nominate the project.
      • Team Members: Individual members of the project team can nominate the project.
      • Customers: Clients or customers who have benefited from the project can also submit nominations.
    • For Project Professional of the Year Award self-nominations are also accepted.

6. Acknowledgment of Shortlisted and Winning Projects:

    • If a project is shortlisted or wins an Award, the acknowledgment is given to the organisation that owns the project.
    • The organisation that owns the project is the party that formally accepts the award.

This process ensures a broad range of perspectives for recognising outstanding projects and ensures that the owning organisation receives the recognition for the project's success.

7. Award Categories Limitation:

    • The same project can apply for a maximum of two awards.
    • If a project is shortlisted for both applied awards, it will remain in the category where it ranks higher and will be removed from the other category.

8. Special Category Award Applications:

    • If the number of applications for any of the Special Category Awards falls below the required minimum, those applications will be included in the Public or Private Category Award instead.

9. Restrictions on Previous Winners:

    • Last year’s award winners cannot submit the same project, PMO, or project professional for an award this year.


These criteria ensure a fair and competitive process for recognising outstanding projects and professionals, promoting excellence in project management across all sectors and industries.

Judging process


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