The Ireland Chapter of PMI has a YouTube channel that is regularly updated with videos from our events and webinars.
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PMI President Peter shares his inspiring vision for 2024 

In this short video, Peter shares his inspiring vision for 2024 and his top 5 priorities shaping the future of our chapter. Don't miss out on this glimpse into the leadership and innovation driving PMI Ireland to new heights in 2024.


PMI Ireland Webinars

The Ireland Chapter of PMI has hosted some excellent events Webinars over the past months. Whether you're eager to enhance your skills or stay updated on industry trends, our webinars have got you covered. Visit Our YouTube Webinar Playlist. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay tuned for the latest updates and upcoming webinars.  Your journey to continuous learning starts here! 
National Project Awards 2023


PMI Sponsorship

We're excited to share an insightful message from our Director of Sponsorship, Jonny Mooney who has a special update for you on our strategic partnerships and the exciting initiatives lined up for the coming year! Tune in to hear Jonny's three focus areas for 2024!