Use your project management and professional skills to improve the organisation, your chapter, the benefits to its members, and grow professionally. Benefits to volunteers are the possibilities to grow your network, enhance your CV and gain PDUs. A volunteer may claim a PDU per hour of voluntary work within the Chapter. Regardless of the above benefits the personal fulfillment you will achieve from volunteering makes it extremely worthwhile.

How to get involved

Volunteering opportunities at PMI are listed over Volunteering Engagement Platform (VEP) and PMI members can create a profile and apply to available opportunities through the VEP portal. Active volunteering opportunities can be found here. It is important to check the requirements with your own competencies and interests to maximize the benefit to both parties.
The board and executive officers appreciate the dedication of volunteers who give their time and skills for the betterment of the chapter. Volunteers can expect clear guidelines as outlined below on how they can contribute to a variety of initiatives and projects to increase benefits to the membership.

Open Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that you can contribute to the Ireland Chapter of PMI as a volunteer. Commonly these include committee participation and/or event support.
VEP is the tool we use to match volunteers to suitable opportunities. Check it out here and find an opportunity to support your professional development and gain your PDU's. You must be a member to volunteer and by association gain access to VEP.
Volunteering is important to the vitality of the chapter and is open to anyone that is willing to participate. Volunteers provide the chapter with expertise, extra time and effort to achieve goals and activities. There is no limit to the number of operational assignments or projects on which an individual chooses to participate, but one must be mindful and be committed to fulfilling obligations on all projects to which one wishes to contribute (see expectations of volunteers below).
Potential volunteers should also be familiar with and accept PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, available here.

Volunteering Process

An Executive Officer creates a job description for a volunteer opportunity that is in support of a project or an operational task. The Chapter Committee approves the project or operational task. All job descriptions are posted on the vrms.pmi.org system. Candidates will apply for specific advertised roles by contacting the appropriate Executive officer.

Expectations of Volunteers

• Commitment to your chosen assignment as a representative of the Chapter.
• Maintain confidentiality on the work and work products of the team
• Timely fulfillment of assigned tasks
• Devote the time required in order to meet assignment objectives
• Complete all assignments in a timely manner
• Request assistance if unable to complete assignments by an established deadline
• Active participation in project activities
• Be able to work with minimal supervision
• Prompt acknowledgement of and timely response to programme stakeholders.
• Accept direction from appropriate level of leadership
• Work toward the benefit of the profession
• Contribute to consensus building
• Be willing to listen to and fully consider other opinions or points of view
• Share your perspective with the team in a professional manner
• Adhere to respective processes and procedures
• Work with integrity and act within the established protocols

PMI will provide all volunteers:

• Appropriate introduction to their role and responsibilities by the appropriate Executive Officer
• Guidance and direction at the level of detail appropriate for the volunteer to be successful in their role
• An opportunity to comment on their volunteer experiences and make suggestions for improvement
• Executive Officer will openly communicate requirements and restrictions

Volunteer Benefits and Recognition

Volunteering provides individuals with an opportunity to influence and promote the profession of project management. It is also generally expected that volunteers gain experience and recognition from working on Chapter projects or within operational staff positions which will provide:
• Recognition and appreciation
• Professional development of self and others
• Leadership opportunities
• Professional and social networking.
• Volunteer Feedback


In recognition for their contributions, the volunteer members will be acknowledged for the contributions they make. In addition, if applicable, all volunteers are eligible for PDUs.