National Project Awards 2023
Special Category: Innovation in Technology Project Award

This year we are recognising creativity and innovation through the 'Innovation in Technology Project Award'. This recognises a project that has delivered oustanding technology bringing innovation and creativity to the forefront of the solution. This can be a completed pilot or a full implementation that demonstrates the criteria set out in the award. It can be a business project or even one that addresses social need.  


Special Category – Eligibility Criteria 

  1. To be eligible to submit a nomination for the special category award the project needs to have been completed within the last 2 years and the benefits of the project for the most part need to have been realised on the Island of Ireland. 
  2. It must demonstrate use of innovative technology to address an important business or social need
  3. It can be a pilot project or one that has been fully implemented. There must be clear closure on any pilot project. 
  4. The project can be from any industry sector. The outcome and business benefits must be clearly demonstrable
  5. If you are submitting a nomination for one of the other categories this does not prevent you from submitting the same project for the special category award. If you are lucky enough to judged as a short list for the final judging only the category with your highest marking will be put forward for final judging.
  6. If you have previously been the lucky recipient of an award you are still eligible for submitting that project for nomination for the special category award. However, if in 2022 you were shortlisted for the special category you will not be eligible to submit the same project for that award again this year.